# Client Installation

# Prerequisites

In order to compile and install filefilego CLI Client from source, open up your terminal in the desired directory and run the following command:

Once these dependencies are installed, you can proceed with the compilation process.

# Compilation

This section will help you compile and test your program

  1. Clone the main repository from github

You will have the output executable file under cmd/filefilego/. You can navigate to the output directory with cd cmd/filefilego/ and then run the commands in the following sections.

# Configuring and Running

Before we run the cli client, we need to create a node identification key which is basically your node's identity in the filefilego network. When you run the node, you are required to unlock the node key first. Please follow the instructions

  1. Create Node Identity Key (Used for encryption and network identification) Replace thisismynodespassword with your own password

  2. Create additional accounts if needed. Replace mypassword with your own password

  3. List the created accounts

    You will get json filenames that contain the address of your created account in step 3.

  4. Run the full node

    The above command runs a full node and starts the http rpc server. In this case, we listen on all interfaces and port 8090 so we can build an application that can interact with this full node.