# Run a Storage Provider Node

Becoming a storage provider on the Filefilego network is a simple process that does not require any registration or restrictions. Providers can join by running a full-node with the storage engine enabled, which supports network filesystems, allowing storage providers to mount and use these types of filesystems.

# Hardware Requirements

The storage engine primarily requires storage space, with larger capacity being advantageous. While certain signature generation algorithms are CPU-bound, adding more resources can enhance processing speed. As a general recommendation, it is advisable to utilize CPUs with hardware support for encryption and hashing.

# Running a Provider

To operate the client in storage provider mode, the --storage cli flag is utilized, with the --storage_dir="~/StorageDirectory" command setting the destination folder for storage. The --storage_token="1234" flag sets the access token for dapps and other applications. However, it is important to note that this token is a master token and should not be used for other applications. Separate tokens should be created for each application as needed.


./filefilego --node_identity_passphrase=yournodeidentitypassword --rpc_services="*" --search_engine --storage --storage_dir="~/StorageDirectory/" --storage_token="1234" --storage_fees_byte="10000" --addr= --http --http_addr= --data_downloads_path="~/FFG_Downloads" --bootstrap_nodes="/ip4/"


filefilego.exe --node_identity_passphrase=yournodeidentitypassword --rpc_services="*" --search_engine --storage --storage_dir="~/StorageDirectory/" --storage_token="1234" --storage_fees_byte="10000" --addr= --http --http_addr= --data_downloads_path="~/FFG_Downloads" --bootstrap_nodes="/ip4/"

Please make sure the --storage_dir="~/StorageDirectory/" and --data_downloads_path="~/FFG_Downloads" directories exist.

# Minimum requirements

  • CPU +8 cores
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 2 TB of space
  • 100 MBit/s bandwidth
  • CPU +8 cores
  • 32/64 GB RAM
  • 20 TB of space
  • 1000+ MBit/s bandwidth

# Join forums for support

You can join the forums (opens new window) and ask questions related to storage providers.